Gordy Lindstrom

Managing Broker & Branch Manager

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About Gordy Lindstrom

Gordy Lindstrom Jr. (AKA "The Camel Guy" find The Camel Guy story below) is a licensed Managing Real Estate Broker and regular top producer since 2006. In 1989, he began signing the front of his own paycheck as an entrepreneur, business owner, and both a business and marketing consultant.

He has a BS in Business Finance and Accounting from the Washington State University. He is also a Certified Management Accountant.

He has participated in a range of real estate transactions, including luxury residential properties, new construction, condos, commercial properties, and land transactions. His recognized relationships and local experience, combined with wide ranging business background and resources, present an exclusive benefit to his clients.

Devotion to service with an emphasis on accountability, reliability, and enthusiasm are the hallmarks of Gordy’s client service. Especially during shifting market cycles, he provides his clients all the information they will need to help them make informed purchase, sale or investment real estate decisions.

He is well-regarded by his peers, and has created valuable working relationships with other professionals in the business, including title companies, inspectors, lenders and appraisers.

In addition to his real estate experience, he has also consulted in the following industries: coffee roasting, home services, funeral services, medical, landscape maintenance, political campaigns, construction and fire code development. He is the founder of an industry trade association and has lobbied at both the state and federal levels.

Gordy grew up in Edmonds and has lived in Snohomish County all of his life – he currently has a home in Everett where he and his wife enjoy their lives together and the many available indoor and outdoor activities. They especially enjoy golf, gardening, and ministry to those in need of a hand up.

The “Camel Guy” Story

Gordy’s grandpa and grandma Fairchild both loved to travel and were world travelers. In the late 60’s they spent a year traveling in Europe in a Red Volvo Car and a 12 foot Trailer. That trip included a short time in Morocco. While in Morocco, Grandpa Jasper had a photo taken of himself on a Camel with his hat in hand waving it above his head like he was riding a bucking bronco. That photo became a famous family favorite.

In 2006 while Gordy was in Petra Jordan with his family he replicated that photo...riding a Camel out of Petra Jordan.

Even though it wasn’t a great picture...it was meaningful to Gordy...so, Gordy decided to put that photo of himself on a camel in Petra Jordan on a Real Estate business card. He thought it would stand out among the “glamour shots” from all of the other real estate agents...the classic marketing Interrupt.

Gordy’s wife, Jana was one of the other “glamour shot” agents. A funny thing began to happen...when Jana introduced herself to the other agents as Jana Lindstrom...their response was “oh...your husband is “The Camel Guy”. The classic marketing interrupt was working.

The other agents didn’t call Gordy “The Camel Guy” to his face. Gordy had no idea how well the interrupt was working until Jana brought it up to Gordy because she really didn’t want to be referred to as “the Camel Lady”.

A few years later when in Israel Gordy updated his Real Estate card photo featuring a well known Camel on the Mount of Olives overlooking the Kidron Valley and the Dome of the Rock. That photo has proven to be a very effective marketing Interrupt.

As Gordy likes to say “you may forget me...but you’ll never forget my Camel”.